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Fort Lauderdale is a name that tends to speak for itself in that it invokes images of beautiful beaches, fun in the sun and visitors gathering from all over the world. The city is legendary for its social scene and its catering to people who may not be familiar with the local layout, and it’s one of the true destination spots in the entire United States. This is all a positive with regards to the local economy, but putting forth such effort for visitors also involves taking on some legal responsibilities that are unfortunately not always met.

One of those legal responsibilities is providing a safe place for foreseeable visitors to spend time. If someone owns or manages a restaurant, slippery substances need to be kept off the floor. If someone owns a retail shop, heavy racks need to be secure so that they don’t fall and lead to people falling and being injured. These are just two examples of what happens too often these days to unsuspecting people – Fort Lauderdale slip and fall accidents. These occurrences not only lead to a lot of suffering, but they also lead to a lot of confusion.

When someone is badly injured in a Fort Lauderdale slip and fall accident, there are three steps that such a person should take and three steps only immediately after the incident. These steps include:

  • Reporting the incident to the people responsible for the property where the injuries occurred
  • Obtaining medical attention as soon as possible
  • Contacting a Fort Lauderdale slip and fall lawyer to schedule an initial consultation

If you have been injured, you obviously need to make sure that you receive a full medical evaluation so that you can begin with your healing process. You also need to alert those responsible for the property to what happened so that steps can be taken that will get the insurance claim process moving forward. You need to speak to a Fort Lauderdale slip and fall lawyer before you speak to anyone else, however, because if you don’t you will soon be dealing with skilled professionals who are simply not working with your best interests in mind.

Bernstein & Maryanoff is a law firm that has been helping clients who have faced this situation for 29 years. We understand what it takes to push for a positive result and we know how much you need to be able to focus on recovering from your injuries. For most if not all people, this challenge is more than enough to worry about on a daily basis. You can contact our firm and rest assured that your initial consultation will be free of charge. You can also rest assured that if we think that you have a strong claim that we will pursue it relentlessly on your behalf. Don’t try to deal with this situation alone – contact Bernstein & Maryanoff today to get the process of protecting your legal rights started.

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